Ariana Daris

Hello! I'm Ariana Daris.
I live in Phoenix, AZ, where I create beautiful digital experiences.

During my freshman year at college, I was introduced to Java. I created a chemistry calculator to get me through repetitive and time-consuming science problems, and I fell in love with the idea of using code to make life easier.

I had the opportunity to take a Human Computer Interactions class while in college, which introduced me to fundamental principles and laws of UX/UI design. This sparked my interested in front-end development, and I learned how to use Figma to create wireframes and prototypes for project interfaces.

Recently, I worked with a team of several talented developers and graphic designers to create a mobile application called Etherea. This experience helped me gain familiarity with working in an Agile Scrum environment, maintaining a GitHub repository using Git, and managing databases. Through other personal projects, I have also worked with creating and calling APIs.

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Ariana Daris

JavaScript, Typescript, HTML/CSS, Python, C# .NET Core

ReactJS, React Native, NextJS, Node.JS, TailwindCSS

Visual Studio Code, Figma, Adobe XD

PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebase, MongoDB

M.S. Computer Science, Arizona State University

Anticipated December 2023

B.S. Computer Science, Arizona State University

December 2022